About the Pastor

Pastor Julius Ngwendson is a man committed to seeing the gospel of Jesus Christ preached to the world. Julius Ngwendson became Born Again in his last year of high school when he accepted the Lord Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior. He has not looked back ever since. He is a man dedicated to prayer and was a prayer band member at the Buea University Christian Union where he was a student. He fellowshipped at the Apostolic Church in Buea, Cameroon, where he eventually became the District Youths Leader before travelling to the USA for graduate studies.

Pastor Ngwendson
Pastor Julius Ngwendson

Pastor Julius Ngwendson


Pastor Julius Ngwendson studied at the University of North Dakota where he graduated with a doctorate in Organic Chemistry. He is a faculty at Normandale Community College where he teaches Chemistry. Dr. Ngwendson is also a devoted educator; he has earned recognitions and awards in his teaching career.

Involvement in TAC Friends

In 2010, Dr. Julius Ngwendson led the formation of the TACC-Friends Association, an organization that brings together former members of the Apostolic Church Cameroon who reside abroad, and other Christians, for fellowship, spiritual growth and charity. Dr. Ngwendson is also the president of TACC-Friends International Association. The TACC-Friends Association now has branches in the UK, Thailand and Canada. More about TACC-Friends Int’l can be found at www.taccfriends.org.


In 2015, at the 4th National Convention of TACC-Friends Association in Texas, Dr. Julius Ngwendson was ordained pastor by the laying of hands by Apostle T.V. Ndih, president of The Apostolic Church Cameroon. His leadership of this association also led to the birth of The Apostolic Church North America Mission (TACNAM), an organization that leads the planting of churches for the evangelization of North America.

Currently, TACNAM has member churches in Ottawa (Canada), Columbus (OH), Laurel (MD), Burtonsville (MD), Grand Prairie (TX), Dallas (TX), and West St Paul (MN).


Ps Julius Ngwendson is married to Gloria, and they have three sons Joshua, Kaleb and Micah. Ps Julius Ngwendson is passionate about taking the gospel of Jesus Christ to people of all cultures, leading those who believe to salvation in and the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and to help them grow into disciples of Jesus Christ.

Pastor's Wisdom Phrases

Words of wisdom
  1. Maturity cannot be forced into a person. It is character, developed through attitude. JN
  2. The head isn’t the heart. If you have ‘faith’ in your head, take it to your heart, where it matters the most. JN
  3. Maturity is like ascending a ladder; the higher you go, the broader your vision, and the more thoughtful are your actions. JN
  4. On this earth, we make choices that put us on routes whose destinations are eternal. A route doesn’t always look like its destination (Prov 14:12; 16:25). Check out the destination first! JN
  5. The eyes of your spirit trace the path for your feet to follow to your destiny. Seest thou well?JN
  6. A person isn’t wise because he/she knows. Knowledge isn’t wisdom. One is in the head, the other in the heart. JN
  7. Excuses offer little comfort for the present, but are Goliath obstacles to your destiny. Don’t give in to their deceptions! JN
  8. What you love will attract you. Don’t justify the evil you love. Change your heart, it determines what you love. JN
  9. The smartest or talented aren’t always the most successful. Character goes where knowledge or talent would not. JN