Pastor's Wisdom Phrases
Maturity cannot be forced into a person. It is character, developed through attitude. JN
The head isn't the heart. If you have 'faith' in your head, take it to your heart, where it matters the most. JN
Maturity is like ascending a ladder; the higher you go, the broader your vision, and the more thoughtful are your actions. JN
Maturity is like a tree at the peak of its season; laden with ripe fruits; and hanging low. JN
On this earth, we make choices that put us on routes whose destinations are eternal. A route doesn't always look like its destination (Prov 14:12; 16:25). Check out the destination first! JN
The eyes of your spirit trace the path for your feet to follow to your destiny. Seest thou well?JN
A person isn't wise because he/she knows. Knowledge isn't wisdom. One is in the head, the other in the heart. JN
Excuses offer little comfort for the present, but are Goliath obstacles to your destiny. Don't give in to their deceptions! JN
What you love will attract you. Don't justify the evil you love. Change your heart, it determines what you love. JN
The smartest or talented aren't always the most successful. Character goes where knowledge or talent would not. JN
Food energizes the body; knowledge excites the mind; encouragement refreshes the spirit. JN
From attitude to perception; from perception to action; from action to destiny. JN
The short-sighted looks for immediate fulfillment; the farsighted considers future potential. JN
How deep can you go? How far will you go? How high can you get? It's all in your character. JN
The mountain top is small, for a selected few. Make thyself worthy.JN
Your action may be calculated or camouflaged; but your reaction is revealing. JN
Check your coordinates before hanging out; else, you may hangout for real. JN
Don't blame the tools; you have their loyalty. Look inside. JN
Success is a great attraction. But, be not blinded; marry it continuously with sound judgment. JN
The wise sees a thing, the unwise sees the same; but, they behold not the same. Admonish thine eyes. JN
Pain is unpleasant to the body, but produces virtuous character. Comfort is sweet, but destroys thereof. Choose wisely. JN
Fact is not faith. Fact is in the head, faith is in heart. Fact is earthly; faith is eternal. JN
To be determined is more profitable than mere knowledge. The one leads to patient action; the other, mostly words. JN
The proud in life will become a helpless beggar in eternity. The humble in life will enjoy God's perfect abundance eternally. JN

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